Abbey Catholic Primary School
Abbey Catholic Primary School

Year 5

Year 5 is a time when the children are given the opportunity to take on new roles of responsibility within school. They have prefect duties for the first time and selected children take on the role of ‘Peer Mediators’, a role which encourages them to support and assist younger pupils during playtimes and lunchtimes. They also have the opportunity to train as library monitors, where they assist with the running of the library. In addition, there are many internal responsibilities within the classroom, roles which also encourage responsibility and independence.

The curriculum in Year 5 is both varied and diverse, being delivered through many different teaching and learning styles. Pupils continue to develop their skills in self assessment and peer assessment. Incorporated into the Year 5 curriculum are opportunities to undertake a greater range of challenging sporting activities. We aim to offer the chance to embark on a residential visit to Alton Castle over three days in the spring term.

Computing skills are a regular feature of our work in Year 5 with children having numerous opportunities to access a wide range of options. They are often given the opportunity to research topics on the Internet and have open access to our class camera and video recorder.

Our Learning

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