Abbey Catholic Primary School
Abbey Catholic Primary School

School Hours

The structure of our school day is as follows:

Year GroupSchool StartsLunch TimeEnd of Day
Years 1 and 29.00am12.00 noon to 1.25pm3.30pm
Years 3 and 49.00am12.25pm to 1.15pm3.25pm
Years 5 and 69.00am12.25pm to 1.20pm3.30pm

These hours are in line with the requirement of 32.5 hours per week. Nursery times vary slightly but are largely in line with those given above.

Children are supervised on the site from 8.45am until 3.35pm. No supervision is provided outside these hours unless children are taking part in an organised activity.

When children arrive at school in the mornings, they should wait by the gate until it is opened at 8.45am. The playground is not open at this time. This is to ensure the safety of all pupils.

Lunchtime supervision from noon to 1.30pm is provided by a team of midday supervisors led by a Senior Supervisor who is directly responsible to the Headteacher.

We ask parents to make every effort to collect their child on time. Should a parent or carer be delayed for an unavoidable reason, please contact the school office staff as soon as possible. If a different adult is due to collect your child on a particular day, you must inform the office staff or class teacher. The person collecting your child will be asked to provide evidence of identification which includes a photograph eg. driving licence, passport.