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Abbey Catholic Primary School


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Visited today, the first time in a long time. Peace and tranquility radiates the moment you enter the school. A place of salvation and learning to the highest of standards. A truly wonderful school.

Rating: Excellent

Mark C

09 Feb 2023

Good morning, I thought to send a warm congratulations to all the St Augustine’s staff for the Outstanding rating on religious education. I agree that you are outstanding. Thank you for waking up every day to face the good and bad times with the children you so dearly care for. Thanks, Best Regards.

Rating: Excellent

Ane Mendizabal

15 Oct 2018

My time at St Augustine’s has been an eye opener the taught me things I wasn’t capable of doing and now I have past SAT’s with the staffs help. St Augustine’s gave me a dream that I will never give up on they told me to work hard in my new school to achieve what I want to be in life. Thank you St Augustine’s you have given me a vast opportunity.

Rating: Excellent

Jessica Johnson

24 Jul 2018

This school helped me more than I can put into words, was very facilitating to me and taught me a lot of life lessons. The teachers here are outstanding, many are still there from when I went which is nice to see and some of the new faces are equally as great. All in all, this school is just great and I hope that anyone else that attends enjoys it as much as I did.

Rating: Excellent

Ryan O'Sullivan

06 Jun 2017

Went here about three years ago. This school is filled with so many memories that I’ll never forget. Wish I could rewind time and come back. Hopefully I’ll be back one day when I’m in year 10 or 11 as I’m in year 9 at the moment and approaching GCSE’s.

Rating: Excellent


02 Jan 2017

I was a pupil vat the school from 1945 until leaving in 1955. The head teacher was Sister Patrick and the deputy Sister Angela.

Rating: Excellent

Edmund Jones

17 May 2016

I went to this school many years ago, I left in 2006,I have many memories here and it’s so good knowing that many of the teachers that taught me are still there. I hope everyone is well. I’m in my final year at BCU, studying criminology and psychology. St Augustines was the first step on getting here. Thank you all so much! Loads of love.

Rating: Excellent

Roma Sira

10 May 2016

Primary school has so many memories! I will never forget the chicken Chow Mein! but I have honestly missed you all so much! The website even still has my picture on it. Please keep up the amazing but hard work. And please do give all the teachers my love…if they remember me!

Rating: Excellent

Kim Vo

03 Mar 2016

Excellent school, excellent teaching, strong catholic beliefs my three children attend here and they all love every moment in school.

Rating: Excellent

Rebecca Brown

05 Apr 2015

I left the school when I was seven to move to Ireland, and I still remember how good the school was to me and how many friends I made, some of which I am still friends with today. The school has a class environment as well.

Rating: Excellent

Niamh Hawkins

05 Mar 2015

It’s been five years since I left this school, and I still discuss the fond memories this school holds, quite a nice environment for anyone frankly,

Rating: Excellent

Navraj Nijjar

14 Dec 2014

The morals and values of the school were excellent. The staff were very accommodating and supportive. The children and the staff were like one big family. After spending two weeks on a placement I was very surprised at how all the children in the school behaved. They were courteous, kind, caring, well mannered and very sociable. I am glad I had the chance to experience such a wonderful and claim environment. The children of the school should be very proud and I would like to congratulate them all on their outstanding behaviour. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Rating: Excellent

Tracey Parton

22 Oct 2014

Very nice website, very useful and easy to navigate. I am very pleased because my son just started in reception class this year, he just love it. Great staff always helpful.

Rating: Excellent

Carine Arnett

30 Sep 2014