Abbey Catholic Primary School
Abbey Catholic Primary School


Ofsted Inspection

St. Augustine’s Catholic Primary School was last inspected in January 2023 when we were judged to be good in all aspects.

Some comments from the Inspection Report include:

  • Pupils love coming to school. They are especially enthusiastic about reading, writing and mathematics. They do very well in these subjects by the time they leave school.
  • Leaders encourage all pupils ‘to be the best that you can be’.
  • Whatever their background or values, leaders respect all pupils equally, in line with the schools’ belief that ‘each child is made in the image and likeness of God’.
  • Pupils are polite and courteous in school. Pupils behave well in lessons. They work well with each other and have strong relationships with teaching staff.
  • Pupils show respect towards others with different views or lifestyles. Celebrating difference is at the heart of school life.
  • Pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities and those who speak English as an additional language are able to access work in each subject through the adaptions and support leaders have put in place.
  • Leaders place high emphasis on including all pupils in lessons, and this was much appreciated by all the parents spoken to.
  • Leaders have high ambitions for what they want the pupils to achieve. Leaders place a strong emphasis on reading, writing and mathematics. Pupils achieve highly in these subjects. These successful outcomes are supported by pupils’ learning in a wide range of other subjects.
  • Leaders have prioritised the teaching of reading. Adults teach phonics consistently well. As pupils move up the school they make even better progress as they grow in their love of reading.
  • Leaders have successfully fostered a love of mathematics in pupils. Pupils have grown in confidence and are not afraid to make mistakes when explaining their answers. They are resilient learners.
  • Leaders are well trained to carry out their safeguarding responsibilities. The culture is one of vigilance where staff are well trained to look for and record any signs of concern, however small.​

You can read the full report below:


Parent View

You can now share your views on our school via Ofsted’s Parent View website. By sharing your views, Ofsted hopes you’ll be helping the school to improve. You will also be able to see what other parents have said about us.

Ofsted Parent View

RE Inspection

Our school was inspected in July 2018 when we were delighted to be judged outstanding in all areas.

Some comments from the Inspection Report include:

  • The quality of the Catholic Life of the school is outstanding.
  • St Augustine’s is a happy school where staff are continually developed spiritually, morally and professionally by the senior leaders and the parish priest.
  • All staff are fully committed to the mission of the school. They are exemplary role models of mutual respect and forgiveness for pupils.
  • Pupils are proud of St Augustine’s school and they love being part of this diverse community. They say they are well cared for, feel safe and are part of a big family.
  • The behaviour of pupils is exemplary. They are quick to appreciate everything, including the immense care that is provided by all school staff.
  • Teachers are inspirational. They are good role models who share their own vocations with the pupils. All the teachers had excellent Religious Education subject knowledge. This enables pupils to approach lessons with great interest, passion and enthusiasm.
  • Pupils have an obvious love for learning and they demonstrate a readiness to learn about Jesus and to participate in planned activities with enthusiasm.
  • The pupils are culturally very diverse and bring a richness of their own to the school. Gospel values and the CSPP virtues are reflected in the openness, trust, tolerance and respect that are key features of St Augustine’s school community.
  • Staff and pupils live, work and learn in a faith filled Catholic environment where everyone feels the love of God.
  • The headteacher, deputy headteacher and the new Religious Education subject leader are deeply committed to the school’s mission. They provide support and challenge in all aspects of Catholic Life.
  • The school environment greatly enhances the school’s mission and Catholic identity.
  • Both pupils and staff know that they have a vocation to serve and respect each other.
  • Pupils actively lead and participate in the Catholic Life of the school.
  • All the pupils’ Religious Education books are a cause for celebration.
  • Celebration of achievement and effort are a focus for all the staff.
  • There is a genuine enthusiasm for Collective Worship, reflected in the quality of the school singing. The prayer service was a sacred experience and the spiritual council who led it were outstanding.

You can read the full report below: